The New Mask Collection!

Awesome face masks for those who love the sea! Get your favorite cruising or fishing area  reproduced on a mask. We can also make masks from your photos.

Masks shown in photo above are actual masks used. In product mock ups masks shown may be a different type.

The actual images have a better fit on the masks we use. The model mock up images have different shaped masks that the image, when uploaded needs to be slightly cropped

These masks are Dye Sublimated where the  print is actually dyed into the thread by a unique process.  These will not fade or wear.  These, with solid images will completely print over the seams and onto the straps partially. The masks are 2 ply poly on the outside to print on and cotton on the inside for comfort.

The XL masks have a black edge along the seams so if your image is just  a logo type on white, the mask you will receive has this mask trim.

These do not have elastic ear straps but still fit quite well., and perform the purpose of some airborne protection

Sizing Information