Face Mask Information

The masks shown in the individual mask products are different than the actual mask we sell. That is because these mask images are computer generated mock ups which don't have our particular style.  

Our masks are shown in the photo on top of the main collection page. The photo of couple wearing Hurricane  and Ship w/ Moon

These masks are Dye Sublimated where the  print is actually dyed into the thread by a unique process.  These will not fade or wear.  These, with solid images will completely print over the seams and onto the straps partially. The masks are 2 ply, poly on the outside to print on and cotton on the inside for comfort.

The XL masks have a black edge along the seams and ear loops

These masks do not have elastic ear straps yet can be stretched. They fit quite fit quite well and perform the purpose of some airborne protection 

The measurement from the outer edge of the ear loop to the opposite side is 12" and 15" (L and XL)

The height at the center line (nose to chin) are approximately are 4 5/8" for the large and 5 9/16" for the XL