Fairy Tales, Sea Stories and Deep Sea Dreams

We have gone to sea and just in case anyone hasn’t told you, yes, that makes us different. We have so many great stories we can share from our time at sea and although we live within an organized structure shipboard, our experiences are without a doubt, unique.

When we were young, a fairy tale or perhaps a Disney movie threw our minds into a different world where our thoughts and imaginations drove our desires and dreams of what we could become and what the world was like or could be.

Over time, sea time that is, we started to live these fairy tales and action movies.  Although we may have not realized this, our travelling, and experiences of life at sea were much more exciting than anyone’s life ashore going through the routine of earning a living. The sea got in our blood and we were good with that as well as, the routine of life at sea. But of course, just like the sea is always changing, life onboard is always changing.

With all this, comes all those great memories which we love to recall sharing stories with certain select company. We  tell tales of casualties and accidents, of drunks and their screw ups, of engineering skills and failures, of shipmate actions and reactions. We can laugh until tears roll from our eyes and then a moment later, become somber in the recall of a subsequent memory.

Stop, reflect, then try to add all those memories up, they are countless, yet they form who you are now, whether at sea or ashore.

So many nights I just dream of the ocean, God I wish I was sailing again….

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

I  sailed for over 24 years as a licensed engineer, most of it as a “working first assistant”, after that I worked for Hamworthy equipment systems specializing in pumps, compressors, oily water separators, and advanced waste water systems on cruise ships for over 10 years. Throw in a little project management on top of that too.  Now building the best maritime tee shirt shop on the web. Fair winds and following seas. Keith

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