What a long, strange trip it’s been. Goodbye 2020

This past year has been one hell of a ride for many.  From the impact of Covid on those who go to sea, to the those ashore, everyone has been affected and some of us even infected. It is a bit like that trip from hell we all have experienced, at least a few times.  Whether it was daily engine room mechanical failures, bad weather for days, a really poor feeder or perhaps a totally messed up command structure, in those times, we were glad to disembark. If we were fortunate and had a permanent job, we knew we would eventually have to return, but with a little rest and time off, we again adjusted our attitude towards the next trip ahead and went up that gangway again.  I am hoping 2021 gets better.

Going to sea, like being in jail with a high chance of drowning.

For those ashore this has been all too similar with what we have been through at sea. No matter what type of personality we have, when we go to sea, we do in effect quarantine ourselves and live in that little social bubble of working on a ship.  I think for anyone who spent some time at sea, all this social distancing and restrictions we now face ashore are pretty, easy to handle given what we have been through.  I feel for the guys who still go to sea who have to “pre” quarantine before joining their vessels.

Since late spring, I have been sitting mostly in front of the computer, trying to understand the many aspects of building an online business. I have been learning so much about graphic design programs, building a quality website as well as the complexities of online marketing, my head continues to spin figuring things out and you know what? I still don’t know much. Fortunately, I can see that the work I have done has shown in the growth in sales, but more importantly, it is in the positive customer feedback I often receive.  I laugh at myself when I think about all the time I have put in to this site, hell, I must be making a good $3.50 per hour!

2020 has been a strange trip indeed, but 2021 is right here soon, and lets all hope everything continues to get better and better.

Wishing all those at sea and ashore a happy,  healthy &  prosperous New Year!



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