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WOW..this sticker looks great on the truck

WOW..what a great store and items..this sticker looks great on the truck..thank you for all the help and great work..i will keep comming back..!

BMN T-Shirt
tim footman
more than happy

great collection -will be back for more

Long sleeve Merchant Marine shirt

Great quality shirt, and perfect printing!

USMM w/ USA Emblem
Gary Barker

Very good company thank you! I would like to see retirement items like, city and state and home port.

Here’s to cold beer!

Nicely made. For years the only USMM stuff I had was from kings point which I didn’t attend. Thanks, Keith!

Great Coaster

These coasters are so awesome my shipmate’s like to put them in their pockets.


Scored the Tatted Hoodie, it keeps the Cops away when I’m on my Harley.

USMM 3" Patch
Rudy Verdugo
USSM Patch

Great patch, they made great Christmas presents for my Shipmates. Made in USA and proud 🇺🇸

F Bomb Sticker
Kenneth Olsen

Your doing awesome!

Tatt T-Shirt
Dustin Shuey
D.C. shuey review

I ordered two of the t-shirts one was the tugboating river rat shirt with the Punisher on the back skull and the other one was the anchor that's weathered with the two birds I enjoyed them both I work the rivers in Alaska on the Contessa Quinn River and noticed you need a river rat shirt for the Alaskan River Rats you left out of state A big one🚣✌🤠✊🔱🌐😍🐳
I've always been the Backwoods the Alaskan River at and proud of it Dustin
Colt Shuey U.S.M.M ⚓🚣🇺🇸🌐🦈
Shipboard pothead outlaw.

Great shirts and customer service.

I shop with Deep Sea Dreams because of the continued support of the USMM. The clothing and artwork is great and I look forward to 2023.

Tractor Captain approved

Great design and quality material continue to be the standard of Deep Sea Dreams.

USSM Drinking Team

I wore my USMM Drinking Team T-Shirt to work. It caught the eye of several coworkers. They told me how awesome my Shift was. So I decided to buy them one for Christmas.
Thank You Keith Olsen!!

USMM Tanker on Back
Jing Fontanilla
Usmm tanker in black

Good shirt


Great Shirts, hats, Etc. Thank You so much Keith Olsen.. Keep up the great work.

Great company! Awesome products. Fast delivery

Great product.

Thanks much....

Gulf Special F/B Gildan T-Shirt
John (Sean)Torkelson
Double-sided Gulf Special Gildan

Just what I was looking for in a patriotic tee, with the memorial to the El Faro on the obverse. Both sides make a real statement!
A future suggestion might be a shirt honoring all whom went down and the less than 2500 remaining, surviving merchant seamen from WW II.
The bronze momument of rescued men grasping a Jacob 's ladder as shown on Harbor Blvd. in San Pedro, could provide some idea for a design.

Heartbeat T-Shirt
Moana Hodkinson

Heartbeat T-Shirt

Maritime Shirts Rock!

I enjoy being able to get these Maritime T-shirts. The quality seems good. I like the logos. My family and friends think they’re cool. I wish I could get them a little sooner in the mail. But other than that very happy.

USMM 3" Patch
Dwayne Trahan

Really nice patch for the price already have it soed on my riding vest thank you very much

So this fellow really meant 5 stars instead on one... the old sea dog.

Pilot Shadow T-Shirt
Eric Robinson
Cool Nautical Shirts

Love the shirts but the shipping was quite slow. It took several weeks before they arrived. Unfortunately couldn’t give one as a gift. I am totally stoked that there is a website to buy nautical T-shirts from though and I will be a repeat customer. Hopefully shipping goes a little smoother next time

Proud Daughter T-Shirt
Allison McCleery
Proud Daughter of a Merchant Marine Veteran

Fantastic shirt with a great logo. Fits perfect. The only one of it’s kind available. Proudly sharing my review and wearing this shirt! Keep up the good work.

Thumbs up.

Don't tell mom I'm in the Merchant Marine

Love the shirt