About the Old Sea Dog

Deep Sea Dreams started from my interest in developing a T Shirt shop for the Maritime community. Most of the sites want to sell shirts that will cost you $30 or more,  plus shipping!  They then only offer typical designs, like emblems and anchors, which , well, what can I say?

When I create a shirt, I am trying to connect with a memory of a specific time and experience. I want you to connect to a tee, so that when someone asks you about it, like where did you get that shirt or what does it mean, you begin to share your story.

My background, forming  the basis of many of the design ideas, is that, I too, went to sea for about 25 years as a USCG licensed Engineer after which, I spent another 10 plus years as an equipment specialist with  Hamworthy,  filling up my passports visiting,  performing inspections, repairing equipment on  cruise ships,  merchant ships,  and oil rigs all over the world.

For me, I am having fun! Every day is a learning experience, there are so many aspects to consider, from creating images, web site design  to marketing. Coming up with ideas and getting them into a design is the fun part of making this shop a success the rest is pretty tough.

Thank you for shopping with us where the customer always comes first

 Fair Winds and Following Seas! 

 P.S  If you have a design idea you would like to see, drop me a line we will see what we can do.