About the Old Sea Dog

Welcome, Deep Sea Dreams was started over 3 years ago and has become the largest Maritime T shirt shop in the country and perhaps the world with over 300 designs for the mariner or as the byline says "for those who went to sea or wished they had".  This shop has sold literally thousands of tees as well as decals. We use an excellent print on demand provider which can support our endeavors and products. 

I come from a Scandinavian family, on my mothers side, my grandfather came over on a sailing ship from Finland (eventually was a Chief Mate during WW2, my father (Norwegian heritage) served in WW2, post WW2 and during Vietnam as well. My self and my twin brother over time became Chief Engineers (Ken left the sea, for a career in the USCG in the Office of Investigations and Analysis). So this doesn't include another brother (Navy) and a couple other cousins deck and engine.

My maritime background spans over 35 years, I was a seagoing marine engineer for nearly 25 years, mostly sailing 1st A/E and C/E and then, when the company went under I worked as a specialist engineer for more than 10 years with Hamworthy out of Poole, U.K..  I've worked many different ships, oil rigs and platforms and cruise liners. So besides being an old steam engineer, I've got a lot of history, from advanced wastewater systems to project management as well. I have had some great experiences which I felt could relate to many who have gone to sea.

Much of my past work was done, not on a computer but on the deck plates, so this new challenge taking on many different aspects from graphic designing, website development and internet marketing! 

You will find hundreds of designs relating to one experience or another, a lot of them will make you laugh, a lot will bring back memories. If you have an idea of a shirt you would like, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

I love to create and thus connect to the seafarers here in the US and around the world.  Images and designs pull up memories which we are proud of and want to wear! Of course, most of our sea stories we need to keep amongst our seafaring brothers!

Thank you again and enjoy the site!

Fair winds and following Seas

Keith Olsen