Calluses to Computers

For years, I had double rows of calluses on the palms of my hands, I was a working First and almost nothing was too hot or too hard to do. Now, I am at my computer, probably more than 8 hours per day, working on Deep Sea Dreams and it is indeed, hard to do!
Thinking about, exploring and creating designs that appeal to the maritime community is quite challenging. This is especially true because most of my life I was in the maritime field (35 years) and having never taken any course, be it marketing or graphic design, things tend to move slow, including my designs.
This is also compounded by I suppose, what is now called "childhood trauma" (LMAO). You see, I am a twin and as kids, Ken and I always had to share nearly everything, that included that huge box of 16 Crayola Crayons. So just image learning and being familiar with maybe only 8 colors.  It is no wonder I'm having a hard time designing at age 63!
Fast forward now and thinking about it all, I am thankful. I am learning new things nearly everyday, my mind is active and spinning all the time and although I am stressed, I am trying to manage it.
Some months ago, I found in my fathers papers, I found an Honor Report card, it is now 82 years old. You know what my dad was good at? Graphic Design. I smile every time I see it. It gives me hope.
Check out the site, it is evolving more and more.

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