Holidays and Sailors

We’ve worked many of holidays at sea and so I am wondering as we have gotten older, do any of you share a similar a perspective of this “special season”?   I am tired of being bombarded by the media advising us what this ideal season should be, what we must have, how it will make our lives better, and yeah, the media is even throwing me into a ridiculous  daydream of off roading in brand new Land Rover.

When there was a holiday at sea, we tried our best to create a light day, we took it easy and yes, for most of us it was an overtime day.  We looked forward to the Steward’s department stepping it up and creating a great meal and all the crew seemed a little more relaxed. There may have been a party or a BBQ where we all got together and enjoyed a few drinks and laughs. Other than that, the day was the same as any other, the sun rose and it set, we stood our watches and hopefully the vessel made way.

When we finally got off the ship and we rejoined our families and friends, it didn’t matter that we missed a family gathering or a particular event, we were home, and we simply began “living” again. Just because a gathering didn’t happen on a particular date doesn’t diminish its value.  My father used to say, “Christmas is every day, we get everything we want anyway, why do we need to go crazy now?”

So that brings us back to today, Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re reading this at sea or ashore take a moment to reflect on being THANKFUL.  If you have difficulty focusing on this thought, think of your blessings, they may seem small to you, but they all add up. Your blessings are not just "things" but rather everything that makes you who you are, your skills, your knowledge, your experiences, what you care for and how you think.

Remember to be KIND as well, we are all in the same boat, and each one of us has some pain or problem  we are personally dealing with, and there are many, many people in worse shape than ourselves.

Be well and be safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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