Glory days or “I yam what I yam, an’ tha’s all I yam”


Let us face it, those of us who go, or have gone to sea, have some of the most unique individual personalities one could ever encounter. I don’t think there is any other group of people in any career path that could come close to the experiences of those who have chosen the sea life have had. This maritime crew, dare I say motley crew, is a group that many outside of the industry would love to be in with.  You could think of that popular Bruce Willis movie, Armageddon, and the interesting team of characters he brought along to get the job done. Those actors and their unique personalities made the show and that is what many of us who have gone to sea do all the time… we get the job done, in real life in a totally different world. They only difference is that we are not on the big screen and we do not have a national audience.  Social media in the last 20 years, has given us the platform, where we can  now showcase our aspects of our own glory days.

For me, glory days could imply a period in life where one is truly living in the moment, doing what needs to be done, living in a manner that one is here and now with no regrets. I believe also that we can have successive periods of the same, if we don’t fall into that cultural social definition of what life (based on a shoreside perspective) is supposed to be.

Your glory days are different than mine,  your days may imply something totally different.  Your glory days may be the pride of working for a respected organization, your memories of a particular event you were involved in, or the lifestyle you held on to.  So, how do we create a design for you?

My challenge is to be able to connect to the many  different people and their own personal “glory days”, ending up producing a design that would appeal to the individual. I could have stuck with emblems, images of objects and organizations but then again,  we would not be that motley space force crew nor on individual basis, hold on to Popeyes creed of “I yam what I yam, an’ tha’s all I yam”

Take some time and look around the shop, we got ya covered.

Fair winds and following seas.


P.S On a side note we will soon be rolling out summer long sleeve tees and tank tops, athletic wear

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