Out of the Storm, Out of the Yard.


One thing I was always amazed of, was how quick the weather could change at sea and it always lead me to thinking of one of my favorite sayings, “what a difference a day makes”.  Coming up from below and breathing in that fresh sea air often rejuvenated me, albeit briefly at times.   I am beginning to smell that salty air again.

2020 has been a hell of a year. No matter what you believe about it, Covid, has impacted all of us in how we travel, our work environment, what we have done at home and at the same time “politicized us” in how we viewed our nations response and our own personal responsibility. (On a positive note, our solitary lives at sea may have really helped us adjust during these times)

I do have a sense of relief with the vaccine beginning to roll out, yet still, we only have begun the voyage.

In the past, when the storm and the seas began to finally subside, there was a time for rest, which we grabbed when, we could. The fog in our minds slowly lifted as we got rest and had a decent meal, all the while our ship continued towards its destination. We got on with our routines of life at sea.

I feel more that perhaps, our voyage ahead (2021) is more like leaving the shipyard after many weeks in port. Getting off the blocks, getting the plant up, the rush to push us off the dock and out to sea, only to begin to recuperate from the time in port. The new machinery failures due to faulty repairs and what the yard screwed up, the process of tightening the steam plant, of cleaning up the ship, could literally go on for months and months.  This is where I feel we are at. 

Voyage 2021, Post COVID-19 , has only just begun and although it is going to be a long trip,  it is going to be alright.

I wish everyone a great Holiday Season. Be safe, be healthy, be well...   and ah, yeah Merry Christmas



I  sailed for over 24 years as a licensed engineer, most of it as a “working first assistant”, after that I worked for Hamworthy equipment systems specializing in pumps, compressors, oily water separators, and advanced waste water systems on cruise ships for over 10 years. Throw in a little project management on top of that too.  Now building the best maritime tee shirt shop on the web. Fair winds and following seas. Keith


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