We are all in the same boat.

The current events starting with Covid and now all the protests, highlight how our society has been split. I miss for the days in the past when certain disasters brought us together wanting to help each other. 9/11 (remember United We Stand) or even a natural disaster like a hurricane hitting our coastline are  just an example

For myself from my education to my time at sea, we are “brought together” in an environment that required mutual respect of many different people, ethnicity and nationalities. Our culture onboard was and still is teamwork and even though, once in a while, bad experiences happen, overall, this is the norm.  We do our duties out the respect (and pride) we have for ourselves and others onboard.   This life and work then leads us to the many different experiences we have had onboard interacting, making friends / acquaintances with so many people whose  belief systems and lifestyles vary greatly.

I think if society treated everyone like we must do onboard the ship, in close quarters, with certain  rules and restrictions, the world would be a better place.

When you visit Deep Sea Dreams, you will surely notice the wide range of designs, many of which are the result of my experiences at sea.  Its amazing what people like and don’t like, and it all falls back to our individual perception of our personal experiences which cause us to react to something 

So check out the site and see if there is something you may connect to. BTW, if you got and idea you want to share email me.

Fair winds and following seas



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